Tarmac Laying Machine

Tarmac laying is a specialised job that requires a high level of skill.  It is also a job that is best carried out with the use of a tarmac laying machine, which requires a skilled personnel to operate.  Although tarmac can be laid manually, this is only feasible when the area is a small one such as a residential driveway.  For larger tarmac-laying jobs, a tarmac laying machine like the paver is required.

The Paving Machine

The paving machine is used to lay tarmac on the road.  This is mostly utilised during the laying of the base course and the top course.  The base course on a tarmac paved road is usually referred to as the binder course and is made up of thicker aggregate than that used on the surface course.  This is delivered by an insulated wagon so that the tarmac is kept hot and poured into the paving machine.  The paving machine in turn, heats up the tarmac before spreading and screeding it.  After the binder course has been rolled and compressed, the paving machine is once again used, this time for the surface course.

The interval between the rolling and compressing of the binder course and the laying of the surface course depends on the extent of the work to be done.  In a small work, the surface course can be laid immediately but in larger jobs, a considerable time interval is given, sometimes as much as a month before the surface course is laid on the road.

The surface course is made up of smaller aggregates; much smaller than that used in the binder course.  The reason for this is to give the road a smoother finish.  Just as the binder course was laid, the surface course is also laid then the rolling and compressing begins.  The difference in the rolling and compressing stage of the two courses is that the surface course requires greater care and attention to detail in order to achieve that smooth, finished look.

Heavy Rollers

It is impossible when discussing tarmac laying machines, to leave out the heavy rollers as these are essential to the whole process of laying tarmac on a road.  At the end of every course, that is, the binder course and the surface course, heavy rollers are used to compress the tarmac that has been laid on the road.  The rolling has to be done while the tarmac is still warm and for the binder course, several passes with the roller will occur before it can be satisfactory.  A lot of water is sprinkled over the rolling drums at regular intervals so that the tarmac does not stick to the roller.  The tarmac should be rolled over several times until there are no roller marks showing on the road.

Working with tarmac is always best carried out with tarmac laying machines particularly when the work to be done is on large projects.  If the work area is a residential driveway and the space is a small one, the tarmac laying machine can be overlooked.  Working with a tarmac laying machine gives a road a professional finish and gives a longer lasting effect.