Tarmac Toplite

Tarmac Toplite is a hard wearing and very strong, lightweight brick of hollow concrete.  Its powerful strength and heat-conducting properties are down to its unique structure.  Its low weight means that it is easier to use which in turn will reduce labour time, also reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury.  A variety of grades are available for a wide range of load bearing, heat retaining and thickness requirements.

Tarmac Toplite Products

  • Toplite GTI are perfect for outer walls as they are an exceptional form of insulation.  These bricks are also extremely lightweight.  They are fire resistant and are made according to Category 1 manufacturing control as specified in BS 5628-1.  They are also environmentally friendly and noise reducing.

  • The Toplite foundation is versatile enough to be utilised for walls both under the ground and above.  As with all Toplite Bocks, its appearance is pale grey with a surface pattern, and it comes in its own shrink wrapping to protect and facilitate easier identification of the product.

  • Toplite Coursing Bricks are made for use with Toplite blocks to reduce waste and avoid thermal bridging.  They are manufactured to be used in confined spaces such as beneath floor boards, cavities etc. to reduce the need for cutting.

Toplite floor blocks are lightweight and easy to manipulate, soundproofed and insulated to meet with regulation standards.  They are also economical in design and flexible for spacing, reducing the number of beams required.  These blocks can be used in many situations combined with other Toplite blocks.

Application of Tarmac Toplite Products

It is possible for Tarmac Toplite products to be used beneath the ground.  They can be used in acidic ground conditions and are frost resistant.  Tarmac Toplite Foundation bricks are intended to take the weight of walls of the same dimensions above ground.  Any higher standard Toplite blocks are constructed for the purpose of building inner and outer walls.  Toplite GTI is recommended for use in acidic soil conditions.  For any interior and dividing walls any of the Toplite range may be used.  In industrial situations, Toplite will provide excellent fireproofing, soundproofing and durability.

Standard Compliance of Tarmac Toplite Products

There are many building regulations regarding the sound proofing of dividing walls between bedrooms, bathrooms etc. and Toplite comply with these standards.  In the construction of apartment blocks, Toplite can be used safely because of the strength and durability of these products.  Aircrete, the lightweight material that Toplite blocks are made of, falls easily into the range recommended by Health and Safety Guidelines for repeated use.

Joints should be added to external walls at regular intervals in order to meet building regulation standards, though this is not necessary on inner walls.  Above and below any openings, joint re-enforcements should be considered.  When selecting which mortar to use, it is necessary to take into consideration the overall strength required and the need for allowing movement.  Mortars that are stronger than those recommended with Aircrete products may be necessary for use below ground levels.  In order to comply with building standards it is necessary to use ties at the required positions of thickness.

More detailed information on Tarmac Toplite products and essential building regulation information is available on their website.