Tarmac Chippings

There are plenty of options available to those who are looking to use tarmac chippings.  Autumn Gold is an example and are chippings which consist of sandy coloured amber flakes and chipping that help in creating a very warm tone that is going to remind you of honey. It also has interesting variations in terms of size as well as shape. These tarmac chippings are soft and have a matt finish that is going to sparkle in the sunlight as well as during the wet season. These chippings are great for blending in over the warm months and they add some welcome colour in the winter.

Tarmac - Canterbury Spar

Canterbury Spar is another option available to those who need good quality tarmac chippings. These chippings are pretty and they are also light and have delicate blend of pink and white that is combined with flecks and pieces of a darker shade. These tarmac chippings are perfect for those who want to create a contrast and who want to add plenty of eye-catching interest throughout the year. They will also look dusty and rosy on a dry day and will sparkle brightly in the rainy weather.

Red Chippings

These red coloured tarmac chippings are wonderfully striking. They are absolutely red in colour and will add some welcome bold splash of warmth and brick colour to any garden. They look dusty and soft under sunlight and when it rains these chippings will look very vibrant. They offer a feel that is rough and chunky and in addition the chippings will also look very contemporary.

Merrygold Grit

Merrygold Grit is another good option for anyone that is looking for tarmac chippings that look warm and sandy. These chippings are very summery and are warm as well as sandy and they contain small sized pebbles and flakes which add some richness of colour to every garden. They can also be obtained in cream colour; brown as well as yellow colour and they offer a very soft as well as subtle look during the dry weather. In the rainy season these chippings look very vibrant and glossy.

Cheshire pink

Cheshire pink tarmac chippings are much in demand. These are chunky and rosy and are brick coloured which also have some nice flecks as well as seams that help to give the chippings a warmth and natural look. They are ideally suited for modern and traditional settings and will add deepness of colour and they also offer wonderful texture as well.

Brown and Beige

Brown and Beige tarmac chippings are warm and well rounded and have a nice mix of pebbles and are brown and beige in colour. These chippings are chunky and not like the traditional style pea gravel as they come with a deeper toning look. They offer a matte finish during the sunny season and are glossy when it rains. They also look very beautiful in the summer months and look very interesting during the winter season.

There is plenty of high quality tarmac chippings to pick and choose from. You can also think about using Derbyshire peak stone as well as southern gold.